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The Javanese and Indonesian term cèlèngan (literally "likeness of a wild boar",[n 1] but used to mean both "savings" and "piggy bank") is also used in the context of domestic banks. The etymology of the word is obscure, but evident in a Majapahit piggy bank from the 15th century. Several boar-shaped piggy banks have been discovered at the large archaeological site surrounding Trowulan, a village in the Indonesian province of East Java and possible site of the capital of the ancient Majapahit Empire. These are probably the source of the Javanese-Indonesian word referring to savings or money containers. Another Javanese-Indonesian synonym for savings is tabungan, which derives from the word for "tube" or "cylinder". This arises from another method of making coin containers by using a portion of enclosed bamboo segment completed with a slit into which coins are inserted. One important Majapahit piggy bank specimen is housed at the National Museum of Indonesia. It has been reconstructed, as this large piggy bank was found broken into pieces. Majapahit terracotta coin containers have been found in a variety of shapes, including tubes, jars and boxes, each with a slit into which to insert coins.

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