Martin Luther King

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King began doctoral studies in systematic theology at Boston University and received his Ph. D. degree on June 5, 1955, with a dissertation (initially supervised by Edgar S. Brightman and, upon the latter's death, by Lotan Harold DeWolf) titled A Comparison of the Conceptions of God in the Thinking of Paul Tillich and Henry Nelson Wieman. While pursuing doctoral studies, King worked as an assistant minister at Boston's historic Twelfth Baptist Church with Rev. William Hunter Hester. Hester was an old friend of King's father, and was an important influence on King. While studying there, he asked a friend from Atlanta named Mary Powell, who was a student at the New England Conservatory Of Music, if she knew any nice Southern girls. Powell asked fellow student Coretta Scott if she was interested in meeting a Southern friend studying divinity. Scott was not interested in dating preachers, but eventually agreed to allow Martin to telephone her based on Powell's description and vouching. On their first phone call, King told Scott "I am like Napoleon at Waterloo before your charms", to which she replied "You haven't even met me". They went out for dates in his green Chevy. After the second date, King was certain Scott possessed the qualities he sought in a wife. She had been an activist at Antioch in undergrad, where Carol and Rod Serling were schoolmates. Convincing his dad would be another matter, as Coretta hailed from smalltown Marion, Alabama, was studying to be a performer, and Daddy King hoped his son would marry a daughter of Atlanta's prominent Dobbs family, particularly classical singer Mattiwilda Dobbs (proving a musical career was not the real issue).

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