Lego Marvel Superheroes Coloring Pages

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Doom hires various villains to find the bricks for him, starting with Abomination and Sandman, who hold Grand Central Station at ransom for a Cosmic Brick. Iron Man and Hulk show up at the station, with Spider-Man joining them later on, and together they manage to defeat the two villains, who are subsequently imprisoned in a nearby maximum security prison called the Raft, while Nick Fury leaves the Cosmic Brick in Mister Fantastic's care at the Baxter Building. Mister Fantastic and Captain America arrive at the building shortly after to examine the Cosmic Brick, but find it under attack by Doctor Octopus, who steals the brick and leaves his Octobots behind to keep the heroes busy. After destroying them, Mister Fantastic and Captain America chase after a fleeing Doctor Octopus across several rooftops, with their battle going through the Daily Bugle as well, where Peter Parker, Spider-Man's alter-ego, sees them and suits up as Spider-Man to lend a hand. The three heroes eventually battle Doctor Octopus in Times Square and manage to defeat him, but he tosses the brick to Green Goblin, who takes it to Oscorp. Fury sends Black Widow and Hawkeye to get it back, with Spider-Man joining them later on. They eventually confront Green Goblin in his office, but he opens a trapdoor that sends the heroes to Oscorp's underground lab, where they are forced to fight Venom and his symbiote-infected scientists. Although the heroes defeat Venom, the Goblin escapes with the brick via helicopter.

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