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He took the throne at eight or nine years of age under the unprecedented viziership of his eventual successor, Ay, to whom he may have been related. Tutankhamun married his half sister Ankhesenamun. During their marriage they lost two daughters, one at 5–6 months of pregnancy and the other shortly after birth at full-term. His names; Tutankhaten and Tutankhamun are thought to mean; "Living image of Aten" and "Living image of Amun", with Aten replaced by Amun after Akhenaten's death. There are Egyptologists that believe the translation may be more like; "The-life-of-Aten-is-pleasing" or "One-perfect-of-life-is-Aten". Tutankhamun restored the Ancient Egyptian religion after its dissolution by his father, enriched and endowed the priestly orders of two important cults and began restoring old monuments damaged during the previous Amarna period. He moved his father's remains to the Valley of the Kings as well as moving the capitol from Akhetaten to Thebes. Tutankhamun was physically disabled with a deformity of his left foot that required the use of a cane, several of which where found in his tomb as well as body armor and bows, having been trained in archery. He had several health issues including a cleft palate, scoliosis and several strains of malaria.

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