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As World War II began, Geisel turned to political cartoons, drawing over 400 in two years as editorial cartoonist for the left-leaning New York City daily newspaper, PM. Geisel's political cartoons, later published in Dr. Seuss Goes to War, denounced Hitler and Mussolini and were highly critical of non-interventionists ("isolationists"), most notably Charles Lindbergh, who opposed US entry into the war. One cartoon depicted Japanese Americans being handed TNT after a "call from home", while other cartoons deplored the racism at home against Jews and blacks that harmed the war effort. [41] His cartoons were strongly supportive of President Roosevelt's handling of the war, combining the usual exhortations to ration and contribute to the war effort with frequent attacks on Congress[42] (especially the Republican Party),[43] parts of the press (such as the New York Daily News, Chicago Tribune, and Washington Times-Herald),[44] and others for criticism of Roosevelt, criticism of aid to the Soviet Union,[45][46] investigation of suspected Communists,[47] and other offences that he depicted as leading to disunity and helping the Nazis, intentionally or inadvertently.

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